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Get Low cost quotation and free home visit for any shifting

Low Cost

Low Cost Guaranteed

The quotation given by us are within your budget, which you can easily afford.

Luggage's Safety

100% Luggage's Safety

We use premium quality packaging material, that's why, your luggage will be more safe. And there is no chance of item broken or damage.

Fast Moving

Fast Moving Service

TPMD (The Packers Movers Delhi) is known for its fast speed service. There is no such word as "delay" in our dictionary.


Smooth Experinece

We Have a Complete Experienced and Trained Staff. "Our Customers are our Family"..


How we Work

To make the task easier, we have divided the process of packing and moving into three steps described below 👇

No 1

Free Pre-Moving Survey

First of All, Our team member will meet you and note down your complete luggage. and provide you the complete quotation includes all charges & taxes

No 2

Packing of your Goods

After that, your all items will be properly packed with best quality packing material. Our Staff is fully Experienced.

No 3

Loading of your Goods

Finally, Your all boxes will be count and then load to the Vehicle. And After this process, Luggage will reach you on your destination.

Our Services

The Packers Movers Thane Provide Every Single Service Related to Shifting.


Full Household Shifting

To home relocation services, it is necessary to have a lot of knowledge and experience. We are known as one of the affordable and best companie in India.


Vehicle Shifting

In vehicle transfer, you do not have to fear because TPMD in experienced artisans.


Office Shifting

We have experienced workers who will pack your office items like computers and other files boxes more safely and properly.

Finding the best and verified packers & movers in Thane?

Choose TPMD to save your Money during Shifting

Are you looking to relocate your house from Thane to the nearby area? It is a brilliant idea to hire professional packers and movers for your move. The professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in shifting and can complete our tasks quickly.

We can help you move efficiently and effectively, without causing any damage to your belongings. Professionals are focused on our work and keep it professional. We finish our tasks quickly and without wasting time. We took full responsibility for moving so you could save time and effort.

While there are numerous benefits to hiring packers or movers, finding the best is most common. Because it is a matter of safety, you need to ensure that the person who moves your items in Thane offers safe and hassle-free delivery. You need to find a reliable company that is professional and can complete your relocation task.

For help in finding the right one, ask family and friends who have been through the process of moving to Thane. You may also search online for information. No matter what source you use to search for the best, always choose it.

Approx Shifting charges according to items and distance within City

Shifting Items 1 KMs - 100 Kms 1 KM- 1000 KMs
Few Household Items Rs. 1,500 - 3,000 Rs.2,500-6,000
1 BHK Rs. 2,500 - 6,000 Rs.5,000-14,000
2 BHK Rs. 4,000 - 10,000 Rs.8,000-20,000
3 BHK Rs. 5,000 - 11,000 Rs.9,000-30,000
Vehicle Rs. 15,000 - 20,000 Rs. 18,000 - 28,000
Small Office Moving Rs. 12,000 - 18,000 Rs.15,000-40,000

Factors which affect your Shifting Cost

Prices for Packers and Movers Thane differ from company to company. Companies that charge more might offer higher quality services. Some companies charge lower prices because we believe in reasonable costs. The charging policy of Packers and Movers and the quality and quantity of services provided to our clients will determine our charges. Professional packers and movers charges can also be affected by other factors. The company will consider these when estimating your total costs. These factors include:

Charges will depend on the types and volumes of goods

Which type of goods are you moving? Charges will increase for large or heavy items. This is because it takes more manpower to move them and requires more space in the trucks. However, small and light goods require less space, more manpower and more place. This will help you save money and reduce your shifting costs.

What types of packing material is used

There are several options for packaging the goods. Some prefer to pack their belongings with 2-3 layers. This will require more packing material, and therefore increase the price. However, high-quality packing material will affect the cost of your move. You can choose the type of packing and how many layers to pack your goods.

TPMD Provides Several Different Services Such As

The packers and movers in Thane describes many different services in detail below 👇


Household shifting

Relocating to a new location can be an especially stressful period for children. In the broad scheme of things, it makes little difference how far you've traveled. Whether you're relocating across town, state, or even the country, the process can be time-consuming and difficult to navigate. We specialize in packing for households, and we do it well. To provide these services, it is important to have a lot of knowledge and experience. At TPMD, we're known as one of India's first and best companies when it comes to moving your home to another place.

Office shifting

Relocating an office or a corporation is a time-consuming and labor-intensive endeavor. If you want to work in a secure and efficient office environment, you must plan ahead of time. For the simple reason that we have a large number of highly skilled individuals ready to assist you in moving your business forward as quickly as possible, and because we do not believe in charging our customers for services that they do not require. People at our office know how important it is for you to have the right office supplies, so we'll help. Consequently, we always ship our merchandise in a wooden box.

Vehicle shifting

The fact that many individuals nowadays are continuously on the move, bouncing from one place to another for various reasons, is not a surprise to anyone. This has resulted in them seeking safe and cost-effective solutions that would enable them to save both time and money. It is widely recognized that the Vehicle Packers and Movers in Thane operate in a very competitive sector. People looking for dependable vehicle relocation services can count on our aid.

Transportation services

We are very effective and make own transportation systems to move the items and the efficient completion of the transportation process. We use the appropriate kind of vehicle to transport the items in accordance with their size, nature, and weight. TPMD from Thane have punctuality and swiftly accomplish own jobs without harm. We have the expertise that allows them to offer safe and secure logistics services to own clients.

We Also Provide a Variety of Additional Moving Choices

The packers and movers in Thane describes many different services in detail below 👇


Cancellations and Reschedules

You can cancel any bookings you have made if an emergency occurs on a shift day. We will be able to accommodate your needs and schedule a reschedule at your convenient time. We are friendly and trustworthy packers and movers in Thane. We listen to our customers and provide moving solutions that suit their needs. Your refund will be issued even if your order is cancelled.

Good packing knowledge

Good packing knowledge is a key to packing Good hold items. Because of the ease with which you can pack the goods, it is easier to transport them. Experienced packers and movers in Thane have provided their services for many years. We will help you arrange your belongings efficiently.

Transportation Truck

This is a professional company with all types of vehicles. We will transport your goods using our trucks. You don't have to hire trucks and other vehicles from another place. We can come to your home and take care of all the logistics. We are licensed drivers and will drive safely so that your loaded items remain safe and secure.

Rapid delivery of goods

In an emergency, you will need to quickly move your belongings to another location. This could lead to damage or loss of goods. You can move your office or home faster with professional packers in Thane. We also keep your personal belongings safe. You can reduce the chance of any damage by having them pack and unload your goods. It is good to hire professional packers and movers in Thane for emergency shifting.

Professional tracking system

You can track your more professional movements and your goods with professional packers in thane. In case of any problem, you can even call the driver. We will return your calls and be available to contact you at any time. You can always keep an eye on your goods and your orders in this way.

Additional facilities

Apart from packing, uploading, and moving goods, we can also provide additional facilities for you. We will arrange your goods, as well as provide insurance. We will charge extra if you add on additional services.

Warehouses storage

Warehouses for packers or movers in Thane are available. We store our clients' goods safely, even if we're moving to another city. We provide total protection for the warehouse, including security guards, CCTV cameras and pest control management.

Qualities of top Best Packers And Movers in Thane

Professional packers and movers possess a certain quality that sets them apart. Professional Packers and Movers in Thane provide quality services to customers. We are highly sought after, and people often hire them for their services. These are the qualities professional packers or movers have-

Legal documents

Professional and reliable packers and movers in Thane have all the necessary legal documents, such as a PAN card and GST registration certificate. We also have a moving license and IBM approvals. These documents are proof that the company has met all legal requirements. These documents are why Thane citizens prefer professional packers to movers in Thane.

Professional and experienced

Professional movers and experienced movers possess all the necessary skills for packing and moving. we can handle every situation. Experienced companies have a different approach to work than amateurs. You should choose a company with years of experience in moving and packing for quality work.

A well-established network

Professional packers & movers have a vast network in India and abroad. Their well-connected network allows them to work efficiently and effectively. To avoid any issues during the shifting process, we communicate effectively with our destination branches. This allows them access to quality services, and to help them complete our task on time.

Minimal cost of shifting

The best thing about packers and mover is our ability to help you relocate your home at a minimal cost. We do our best to pack your house efficiently and use as much space as possible in the truck. This will help reduce the cost of moving. This small effort will reduce the cost of moving and allow you to move with peace of mind.

Services delivered on time in Thane

Packing and moving companies are punctual. We complete all tasks on time. We are organized and plan our work to complete our tasks within the timeframe. These qualities signify that we possess all that professional packing and moving company needs.

Teamwork or

Professional packers and movers show teamwork. We coordinate well with both our clients and team members. This coordination allows them to achieve our goal on time and without hassle. We have friendly relationships with our customers and coordinate with them throughout the entire process. Customers can request customized services from packers and movers. We can tailor our services to suit the clients' needs. This makes the clients happy and allows the packers or movers to focus on our tasks.

What risk you face while in self-shifting in Thane?

Shifting his typical work. It involves hard work and takes lots of time to complete. Doing self gives lots of frustration and anxiety to the person. Some of the risk involved in shifting to the big city as Thane includes-

Self-shifting can take more time to shift

Shifting looks simple and easy job, but when someone starts doing it can understand the labor and stress involved. Shifting without knowledge results in wrong decisions and planning that cost additional time even a day for a person.

Can increase your budget

Though shifting through a professional company requires charges but doing shifting your own will increase your cost. The traffic and long-distance will increase your cost of moving. In the whole transmit process your new items may also get damage that automatically increases your cost of moving.

Can be damage your goods

In Thane where distances are long requires lots of time to move from one place to another. Without knowledge and experience moving furniture, electronic appliances, delicate items is risky and you may face damages for these goods.

You can face personal injuries

Apart from the risk to your goods and property shifting the risk of self-injuries is also high when you decide to move your household material on your own. The chances of accidents and injuries are high.

Property can be damaged in self-shifting

During the transmit of goods the risk of property damage is always present. The furniture, tiles, scratches on the wall may take place when you move your belongings without having sufficient knowledge.

How do you find the best packers movers to move your stuff in Thane city

There are many Packers & Movers in Thane. But, to find the best, you can take steps to ensure you have a list of the best packers & movers in Thane. It is crucial to find professional packers and mover professionals as your belongings have many valuables. Here are some ways to find the best Thane Packers and Movers.-

Research for packers & movers

The first way to find packers & movers in Thane is by doing research. There are two ways to research packers and movers. If you have experience hiring packers for moving work, friends and relatives can help you. You can learn from their experience. A google net search is the second. Google search allows you to look for alternative companies by looking at their charges, legal documentation, services we provide, and other criteria that can help you select the best one.

Credentials check

Before assigning packing and/or moving to any company or signing contracts with them. Verify that the company is authorized to pack and transport the goods. If you are unsure, you can always ask the company. When hiring a company, you should keep these things in mind. Many Thane packers and movers offer additional services for their clients. This is a great way to receive additional assistance in moving your goods. All of this makes your job much easier.

Insurance coverage

If you want to hire the best packers, movers and other professionals, you must choose one that provides insurance coverage for your goods. If you have any problems in the future, you can file a claim with them.


The reputable and reliable company is able to provide you with references from their previous customers. Request the references. Some companies don't divulge the details of their clients. However, you can check their website for specific clients. This can help you learn more about the company.

Reputation and goodwill

Goodwill and reputation are easy to conclude the deal with a business with a great image and reputation. A company with a positive branding and website gives the impression that we are hiring them.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) About Packers and Movers in Thane.

Do professional packers or movers remove furniture, beds and other items?
Yes, professional packers/movers will disassemble and then rearrange your furniture. However, this service falls under the umbrella of additional services. This type of service requires that you notify your company manager and pay an additional fee.
Are our packers and movers allowed to move cars or bikes as well?
They offer car and bike shifting services along with household items like electric appliances, furniture, and cookery items. They will handle your vehicle shifting needs and move your car to its final destination without hassle.
How are weekend and weekend packers and moving prices different?
The availability of available slots determines the price of movers and packers. Many moving companies work weekends, and the demand for them is high. The cost of moving in the monsoon or rainy season is generally low.
Can packers and mover companies offer insurance on goods?
If you use professional packers and movers, you can insure goods. To ensure your moving goods, you will need to notify the manager.
Can I reschedule or change the date and time of my shift after paying the token?
You can schedule your next move, but you need to notify your manager before you do so. They will then inform you of the next date, based on the availability of movers and packers. This is the best service that packers and movers provide to their customers.
Why are packers and Movers charging token amounts to provide their services?
The token must be used to confirm the booking of slots and avoid inconvenience and delays. The quotation amount is used to adjust the token price. This will let the moving company know that you care about their move.