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Why Choose Us

We are well equipped with quality services and years of experience. Our exceptional factors made us preferred moving Company over others.

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Low Cost Guarantee

It is our commitment to offer a low-cost guarantee. We are aimed at reaching every customer through affordability.

Luggage's Safety

100% Luggage's Safety

The packers mover Delhi are experts in developing the packing materials to ensure 100% safety.

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Fast Moving Service

If you are looking for a Fast moving service, The packers movers Delhi is here for you. It is not our ethics to delay your move. We respect your time as you do.

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Well-Experienced Staff

The secret of our quality and fast-moving service is our well-experienced staff. With the experience of 107+ moving per month,


How do Packers Movers Works in Delhi

The Packers Movers Delhi has a standard working process. We are a professional moving company and take our services very Carefully.

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Free Pre-Moving Survey

When you finalize a moving deal, our supervisor will do an inspection and Quality Check of your moving goods. They will suggest any precautions if needed.

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Packing & Loading of Goods

Our Staff will arrive 2 hours earlier on the decided moving day. They will pack your goods carefully, load it on the truck, and deliver it to your destination.

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Unloading & Unpacking of Goods

After reaching your destination on time, our team will unload and unpack your household goods. That's how our experienced team will pull off moving quickly.

Our Services

TPMD is offering various moving services at affordable prices. We are determined to become helpful for every moving requirement.

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Full Household Shifting

Our household shifting includes survey, Careful packing & loading arrangements, Quick transportation and unloading.
The Packers movers Delhi provide shifting of 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, Housing apartments, Urban Streets, and Mini-town houses.

car transportation packers and movers

Vehicle Shifting

The Packers movers Delhi provide shifting of vehicles such as Bike, Car, Tractor, Scooter, etc.
our team can reach across villages, towns, districts, Cities, and states.

office shifting packers and movers

Office Shifting

Our office shifting includes inspection of office and disassembling electronic goods like printers, AC, water coolers, TV, etc.
The Packers movers Delhi provide Shifting of Small shops, Early startups, large Organizations, and server rooms

Save Money During Shifting with TPMD

Save Up to 40% By Using just 5 Steps down arrow

best packers and movers in delhi

Discounting or bargaining is something we all do, and we want to save more money. The bargaining with packers and movers is fair, but to save money. But you can save more money even before the service is booked. Below are the 5 steps that can save your money up to 40% while Shifting in delhi.

Planning and moving strategy

Moving to a new place can be expensive if you don't plan correctly. Planning makes it easy to understand your household goods. You can select the required goods and disown the unnecessary ones. Even shifting time and date is crucial for saving money.

list Your Goods and sort out them

You should make a list of total household goods. The list can give the actual image of necessary goods that will be shifted. You must know the quantity you have. Sort out the goods according to value and necessity. The list will help you remember your goods after moving and unloading.

Carry valuable and essential goods

When you sort out the essential goods, keep some of them to yourself. These valuable and essential goods can be anything such as laptops, Jewellery, documents, etc. It would be best if you carried away anything related to Data, Metals, and small electronics.

Sell or Donate unnecessary goods

After making a list and identifying valuable goods, it's time to select the required goods. Any big electronics, kitchen, and furniture goods are essential commodities because they are expensive and required. Donate the clothes if not needed, Clean the refrigerator and consume every food. Don't keep the food items while moving. Sell if you don't need some furniture and electronic goods.

Choose the best shifting day and shared trucks

You have planned your shifting date. Don't book your service during month end or public holidays. The charges can shoot up by 20%. Weekdays or mid-months are the best days to do the shifting. Also, don't try to book a individual transport. You can go by sharing trucks with 2 other houses. Transportation accounts for more than 50% of moving service charges.

Approx Shifting charges according to items and distance within City

Shifting Items 1 KMs - 100 Kms 1 KM- 1000 KMs
Few Household Items Rs. 1,500 - 3,000 Rs.2,500-6,000
1 BHK Rs. 2,500 - 6,000 Rs.5,000-14,000
2 BHK Rs. 4,000 - 10,000 Rs.8,000-20,000
3 BHK Rs. 5,000 - 11,000 Rs.9,000-30,000
Vehicle Rs. 15,000 - 20,000 Rs. 18,000 - 28,000
Small Office Moving Rs. 12,000 - 18,000 Rs.15,000-40,000

Factors That affect your Shifting Cost

We have talked about saving your money while shifting household goods. Now, let's look at different factors that can increase your shifting cost.

Quantity and Weight of Luggage

If you live in a 3BHK apartment, you might have a lot of household goods. The more quantity of goods you will have, the more space it will require and the bigger truck will be needed. Even the overall weight of luggage can increase the cost because it will exhaust more fuel. The increase in transportation size can increase the shifting cost because transportation accounts for more than 50% of the total shifting cost.

Distance between Current Location & Destination

Your destination or house location is a significant factor for high shifting costs. Different places will have various cost factors. Let'sLet's understand it by an example. If you are moving 3BHK goods from Delhi to Lucknow, the cost will be around Rs 9000. but the same 3BHk moving from Delhi to Manali cost Rs.7500.
Even though the distance is the same, the demand for moving to Lucknow is less than in Manali. It is called an Outward destination. It will reduce the cost if you are moving to a favourable destination.

Shared or Separate Vehicle

The shared and separate vehicles have their own advantages. In terms of pricing, a Shared vehicle saves around 25% of shifting cost as compared to an individual vehicle. A separate vehicle is only advisable if you are living in a bigger house or 3BHK apartment. For 1BHK or 2BHK owners, you should get a shared vehicle with 2 other household goods to save your cost. A shared vehicle can only cost you more if the vendor doesn't properly arrange your goods in trucks, which might get stolen or cracked.

Additional Services

Apart from Packing material, transportation, and labour charges, Some additional services can increase your cost. For long-distance shifting, Insurance is advisable for everyone to save on future losses. But insurance costs around 3% of total household goods. You will need assembly/disassembly service for AC that can cost around Rs.300-500. If you want the staff to take the household goods inside the house, they will ask for additional money or tip. In case you don't have a working elevator, the need for a rope or pulley may burn your wallet.

Labour Charges in Your Area

The manpower is executing all the house shifting work such as packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking. Without them, work is impossible. Their high pricing can affect your shifting costs. Labour charges in Tier-1 cities are higher than in Tier-2&3 cities. These charges are increased or decreased according to the demand and years of experience. An experienced delhi labour asks for 1.5 times more money than Gurugram labour. The labour will ask for more money if you live in a posh area (even in a rental house).

What are the risks you face while self-shifting in Delhi?

Some people tend to save even more money. They decide to shift their household goods by themselves. At the same time, self-shifting is not bad but may come with many risks. Self-shifting in Delhi can be a scary experience for you. Let'sLet's look at possible dangers without being ignorant.

Self-shifting can take more time to shift

House shifting is professional work. The more efficient packers and movers are very punctual and time-efficient ones. The delay in self-shifting can cost you more than the packer and movers shifting. If you are working individually, searching for quality packing material, transportation, and labour at affordable rates will be hard. Also, you have to indulge in the process to ensure safety and timely work. This can cost you salary cuts at your job.

Can increase your budget

While doing all the work yourself, you will not find affordable transportation. Most transporters will not decrease their pricing because you are a one-time borrower. You are more likely to get charged more for transportation. They even tend to commit fraud by not sending good vehicles during self-shifting. Labour will use this opportunity to capture more rates. Overall, self-shifting will cost around 2.2 times more than packers and movers.

Can damage your household goods

Proper packing of your goods is a tedious process. You should arrange it accordingly so that it doesn't break or scratch. Inexperience in packing can lead to more damage to your household goods than saving money from packers and movers. Also, placing goods is important while delivering your goods to the desired destination.

You can face personal injuries

After examining all the factors affecting your shifting cost, personal injuries are the most significant factor. It will directly affect your body. Your hand might get cut by a paper cutter. You wouldn't be able to lift your household goods. The truck journey might become a nightmare for you. Many things are at stake while doing self-shifting.

Shifting Process of Packers and Movers in Delhi-NCR

You should know "How packers and makers actually do moving procedures." We have curated a detailed process to help you understand the basic moving structure.

Pre-Moving survey of your luggage

First, you have to finalize the deal with The Packers Movers Delhi. After that, we will send our supervisor and survey team to examine and inspect your household goods properly. We create a list of goods to remember the details. The quality check of goods is necessary to inform you about any vulnerability. Our team will give precautions if it's needed.

Estimate Price Quotation

After a thorough survey, we will tell you about the Estimate price quotation. The raw price quotation will give the price estimation. The price quotations have different charges based on the quantity of goods, their estimated weight, vehicle required for household goods, use of Quality packing materials, the requirement of manpower, and Insurance (if needed).

Packing your Luggage Carefully

If you agree with the quotation, we can now pack the household goods. Now, different things need different types of packing material. For LED, Washing machines, or any electronic item, we will use a rectangle carton box with thermocol in it. For sofa and furniture, carton boxes with inner cushions will protect them from damage, shock, or scratch.

Loading of your household goods

After proper and neat packing of household goods, we will load the household goods on the truck. Now arrangement of goods is necessary to ensure safety till the destination. The large and heavy goods will be placed in the middle to restrict heavy movement, and the sensitive things will be kept above the heavy goods. All these things will be arranged to avoid significant damage in case of heavy truck movements.

Delivering your household goods to your destination

After careful packing and loading arrangements, You have to clear your shifting payment. After that, we are ready to shift your good to desired destination. Our live tracking system will keep you updated about delivery status. In case of any queries, contact our shifting manager.

Unpacking your luggage

You have reached your destination and are welcome to your new house. It's time to unload your household goods. The labour will do that work for you. Inform them in advance if you live in an upper-floor apartment or need pulley or labour help to take your household goods. It will cost additional money. After reaching the house, you can unpack your goods and place them in the house.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) About Packers and Movers in Delhi.

What Are the Charges of Packers Movers in Delhi?
Different packers and movers have different prices in Delhi. Any packers movers will charge the quantity of goods, packing material, vehicle and labour required. You can check the estimated charges on our website.
Who Are the Best Packers Movers in Delhi NCR?
The Packers movers Delhi (TPMD) have completed 600+ shifting assignments till now. We have excelled in quality packing, timely delivery, and well-experienced staff. TPMD is doing all this while maintaining affordability.
How to Avoid Fraud Movers and Packers in Delhi?
You have to avoid the cheap packers and movers who are charging unbelievably cheap costs for shifting services. Check their business documents and GST registration for authentication. Ask for legit quotations. Also, don't do self-shifting to avoid high shifting costs and fraud.
How Can You Reduce Your Shifting Cost?
Do planning or have a moving strategy if you are considering moving out. Create a list of household goods you are going to move. Collect and save valuable items like Laptops, Jewellery, Documents, etc. Sell or Donate the things you don't need. Plan your move on a weekday or mid-month to save 20% cost in transportation.
What Are the Common Moving Mistakes You Should Avoid?
While shifting to a new destination, you should check the new locality and house to familiarise yourself. Update your address in important documents and utility service locations to the new home. Ask for a quotation in a verified bill before moving. Keep valuable and essential goods like Jewellery, laptops, and government documents to yourself.
How to Find Cheap Moving Services Providers in Delhi?
It would help if you looked for affordable Packers and Movers, not cheap ones in Delhi. Cheap ones will be looking to do fraud with you. Any packers and movers will ask for reasonable charges. You can check the price estimate to get an idea about shifting costs. You can take our services. We are providing a 100% low-cost guarantee with quality assurance.
How to Make Sure Your Packers and Movers Company Is Verified?
Reliable and authentic packers and movers are hard to find. But you can do your research. You can choose us to provide you with the best quality and affordable shifting services. Check the business Documents and GST registration for the authenticity of packers and movers. Check Google reviews to see if they are doing good or not.
Is It Better to Hire Packers and Movers or Move Yourself?
It is not advisable to do the self-shifting. Self-shifting can cost you in so many ways. It will take your time. You have to manage everything on your own. You have to rent a vehicle, buy packing material and arrange labour. This process will increase your overall budget. Self-lifting can damage your household goods and will cause personal injuries. It will make your experience terrible.

Cities In Which We Provide Our Service

TPMD has been a quality packers and movers service provider across India. Our fast service, good quality packing, well-experienced staff and affordable prices have made 100+ satisfied and happy customers per month. So, we have decided to expand our reliable and affordable to every corner of india. Whether it’s a local moving, interstate moving or intercity moving, We have mastered the art of delivering happiness at your desired destination.

Our service expansion in Delhi-NCR

Delhi is a beautiful multi-culture capital of India. With diverse ethnicities and a startup ecosystem, it is an attractive place for economic opportunities and a stable lifestyle. Many people are drawn to its development and well-being. TPMD have also made it easy to shift in or out of Delhi. We have a presence in various parts of Delhi, where we provide affordable services.